My Data Team’s New Transcription Data Entry

My Data Team has added a new fifth type of online data entry work to it’s membership program. It’s called Transcription Data Entry, and yes the name is much more complicated then the work itself.

Many businesses have audio recordings or documents that they need to have converted into text and placed in a Word or Text file. So with this kind of work you can work from home when it convenient for you and you get paid based on minutes worked or words typed. This would be great for stay at home moms, or for that matter, anyone who want to make a living from their homes. My Data Team provides complete training in transcription data entry so prior experience is not required (you do need a computer with internet). Also provided in the program is a large source for these jobs so you can make money immediately.

Now if this type of data entry is not for you then don’t worry as there are 4 other types of data entry that are all completely different so you can start a business based on an online data entry type that suits you’re interest and income you desire. To read about these 4 other data entry methods, click My Data Team Data Entry From Home – The Evolution of Online Data Entry to go to the post below.

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Scams of Online Data Entry Work

What Exactly is Online Data Entry?

What does data entry consist of? Data entry can mean a number of things, some of which you may of heard of. There are basically 4 categories for online data entry. Traditional (clerical and office assistant type work), Company Research (surveys and focus groups), Outsourced (helping others promote and support their website), and Internet Marketing (promoting your own internet business). So depending on the time you have available, combined with your own interests and goals would determine which data entry area you would excel in.

What I found overwhelming about the internet is that way too many programs promise you riches but almost all are either scams or assume you already know about data entry and promoting products online. Anything is easy once you know how, but how do you learn how? My goal when I started was to learn the online world at my own pace while making money along the way. In other words I could try doing some traditional and company research type data entry to learn my way around the Internet. Then try outsourced data entry to learn the ropes of creating and promoting a website or product from someone who was already successful, all the while they are paying me for my help. If I was happy with that and the money was good then great, but I also knew I was building confidence and a strong base understanding so  I could start promoting your own internet business. That’s what a 4 part data entry system is all about.

Scams of Data Entry

I’d love nothing more than to claim that personally I have never been a victim to online data entry scams, however, that’s not the case, in fact during my search to make online money I joined over 10 programs in which I didn’t make a nickel (I wrote them off as a tax loss so it wasn’t that bad). As a desperate student, without extra time to hold a job,  O had to find a way to make some extra cash, the promises of easy money with virtually no work, where just too good to pass up. I was naïve then, and like thousands of other people I was scammed often by misleading claims of other data entry programs that turned out not to be legitimate.

But are there really any legitimate companies offering legitimate data entry programs?

Truth be told, you can actually make a lot of money online with data entry, but only if you were able to find a legitimate company that has a well though though out program which is easy to understand. There are some legitimate companies out there, even if 99% of them are unsatisfactory or scams. Lucky for me I did finally find a data entry company with a program that I could genuinely recommend (even my mother uses this program). Why am I so confident recommending My Data Team Online Data Entry (order bottom below)? Because I actually use this program everyday and I make around $1,100 consistently every single week with just an hour a day of work. I’ve also been with this company for over 3 years so that says a lot about this programs longevity, in a quickly changing Internet environment. The company itself has been around 7 years and is highly reputable. In fact a few of my friends have been able to completely quit their day jobs and do exactly what I’m doing!

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My-Data-Team Online Data Entry Review

My-Data-Team Online Data Entry at Home Review – Part 1

I’ve tried many, and made some money with different programs, but the data entry at home company that I’ve always preferred is My-Data Team Data Entry. The earnings potential is endless, so the more time you work the more money you will make.  I usually only work around an hour a day on this program on the Global Data Entry portion of the program. If you truly enjoy working on a part time basis, to make a full time income you absolutely could! There are quite a few members of My-Data-Team-Data Entry at Home, some of whom I know personally, who earn about $10,000 per month with this program. I am really too lazy to do that kind of work required to make that kind of cash, so I’ll stay with the $1,100 for 5 hours a week work plan. Mind you it takes more then 5 hours a week to learn and set-up but once it is, maintaining it for consistent revenue is simple.

Another highlight of this program is that you can do this from anywhere in the world so it’s not limited to the United States as so many programs are. Ideally, you can take your laptop with you while on your vacation. Making money while watching a sunset is romantic as far as I’m concerned.

Payments are made twice a month, on the first and sixteenth and payments are made conveniently by direct deposit or check. I personally have never heard of or had any late payments from My-Data-Team and I’ve already been with them for almost 3 years.

Joining is simple, all you have to do is pay a one time fee. This is typically to guarantee that you are indeed serious about the program and to cover the costs of updating, creating and maintaining the members area with up to date content.

I’ve even managed to guarantee an exclusive 50% off discount for all of my readers, so that if you want to join and give it a try visit My-Data-Team Data Entry (order bottom above) or click any of the links on this page to receive your discount.

For whatever reason , if your not happy with the My-Data-Team, they will refund your money within 8 weeks without any questions asked. Refunds are done online so there is no human to explain to or justify your return. So as you can see from this, it at least worth a try, and if you don’t make enough money (unlikely), just return it for a full refund (no shipping charges).

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My-Data-Team Data Entry from Home – The Evolution of Online Data Entry

My-Data-Team Data Entry is by far the most thorough data entry from home program as is covers 5 multi-revenue  methods in which to profit from. It’s step-by-step tutorials, videos and resources will quickly have you profiting from one or more of the following data entry methods:

Traditional Data Entry is My Data Teams longest running program as it was started over 10 years ago and provides the latest data entry jobs listed by companies that appreciate the cost savings realized when using work at home employees. These listings include positions such as data processing, clerical duties, book keeping, proof reading, writing, dictation, desktop publishing, developing presentations, office management, database management. If you choose each job listings can be sent in real time directly to your email.

Global Data Entry (also referred to Affiliate Marketing)  is the most popular and consists of training on the easiest ways to generate revenue quickly. By simply entering data into advertising forms for companies you can make really good money here (see previous posts for more info of this). I average an extra $3,500 a month using this method. This division is better then it’s competitors entire data entry program, as it contains more thorough step-by-step instructions, assisting software, and a ‘Support Until You Succeed’ system to guide you in achieving your particular goals.

Company Research Data Entry centers on profiting from companies conducting marketing research.  They will pay you to take surveys or participate in focus groups to gain an understanding of the public’s perception of their company and products. You may be familiar with online surveys programs, that pay you to take surveys, well this division of My-Data-Team is a complete online paid survey program in itself. My Data Team will give you detailed instructions on how to get these assignments. You can immediately make as much as $350 for a 2 hour focus group, and usually between $5-$10 for each taking survey from more then the 300 research/surveys sites provided.

Outsourced Data Entry is in very high demand and involves earning income by posting information on different online forums and classifieds ads and creating content for other websites. My-Data-Team explains the quickest ways to prepare and get involved in this. They will also show you now easy it is to create small articles that are posted to  public blogs which companies will pay you $10-$100 Per article you post.

Transcription Data Entry is where businesses and business people have audio recordings and/or documents that they have to have transferred into text and saved in a simple Text or Word file. As with all the other data entry types this work can be done on your own schedule in the comfort of your own home and is paid based on works typed or minutes worked. My Data Team provides the training so NO prior experience is needed. As with all the other types of data entry a large list of jobs sources are provided so you can make money immediately.

So as you can see there are plenty of areas in which to make as much as you desire if you decide to apply your efforts to this program. You don’t require your own website and you don’t have to spend any money on advertising, as this program provides shortcuts on how to take advantage of all the free services provided online.

Every other program I have read about, tried or reviewed (and there have been too many) only covers one of the five divisions that My–Data-Team has.

Included within the program is free software valued at over $300 that complements the support tools to guide you in the right direction.

The membership price is usually $99 but for my readers who click below will receive a 50% discount. It does have an honored 60 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not making as much as you’d expect (unlikely) you can return the program for a complete refund.

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My Data Team also includes additional programs for these non-traditional careers:

  • Non Data Entry Work-at-Home Jobs
  • Notary Publics
  • How to be a Proofreader
  • Chat Actors
  • Community Reps
  • Concierge at Home
  • Field Merchandisers
  • Event Personnel
  • Get Paid For Advice
  • Phone Transcribe Operators
  • Photos For Pay
  • Translator and Interpretor
  • Writers and Editors
  • Clinical Trial and Research
  • Start Your Own Resumé Writing Business
  • Paid-To-Surf

Additional Free Bonuses (often sold online for $29-$49 each):

  • Mystery Shopper
  • 9000 TV Channels on PC
  • Over 250 Ebooks
  • Government Grants (the government is very supportive of small business so grad your grant)

Self-Help Guides (So You can Be Consistantly Productive)

  • Time Management
  • Study Time

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Does My Data Team Still Make You Good Money?

Recently I have been asked the following question a number of times, “Ok, so you’ve made money with My-Data-Team Online Data Entry, but your blog is a few years old and things can change quickly on the web. Does My-Data-Team STILL work, even during these tough financial times?”

Thankfully the answer is “YES, Absolutely” (proof below). I understand that it’s best to be skeptical online, especially because there are so many cons and scams out there, but My-Data-Team works even better now, even during this recession then it ever has. Google Adwords is considered by most as the best way to promote products online, and that one of the main areas that is covered with this program. You will be typing short ads to promote a company’s products. What helps is that during these tough times this area has continued growing so it’s still the easiest way to make fast money online, even if you are completely new at this .

I’m sure you’ll find many individuals online who will call it a scam, and healthy criticism will happen with every with every making money program. The main problem lies where people don’t take the time to read the sales page and then they don’t really know what’s involved. Many people who join expect to get rich quickly without working the program as instructed or giving up after a couple of hours. Like most things in life you have to take consistent action to find any benefit. It’s amazing the number of people that spend an hour on this program and don’t understand why they aren’t becoming rich.

This line of exercise isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. There are tons of other platforms online that instruct people very similar approaches, and there is plenty of information that is available for free that teaches people to create money online, but My-Data-Team makes it incredibly easy to understand and you can get started right away. All of the research has already been done for you, and it’s all put together in a step-by-step, very user friendly format.

Now it’s time for some some revenue proof. Here is a screen-shot from one of my My-Data-Team accounts that shows how much I made last month in one of the worst economical months ever. This involves only about 45 minutes to an an hour of work a day.

My Data Team

My-Data-Team Results (average is about $2,500 a month, better months will reach $3,500)

UPDATE: As of January 2010 I have grown revenue to over $4,400 a month consistently doing part time.

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My-Data-Team Data Entry Work – What You Need To Know

My-Data-Team Data Entry Work Review- Part 2

Data entry at home is by far one of the quickest way to make money online. Yet, regrettably it can also be a very fast way to lose money as there are lots of scams around all over the Internet. It’s very difficult to separate the cons and know which programs are legitimate without actually trying them out for yourself. Your best bet is to read reviews by people who have enough experience to suggest the good over the bad, so that you can avoid the costly scams and select a proven data entry at home program.

I have that personal experience, having lost more money then I care to discuss. It was definitely worth it because it’s  how I found out about My-Data-Team, although discovering it earlier to save the time and money would of been nice.  Now I shall cover a couple of things you will want to know about My-Data-Team .

Data Entry is one of the fastest developing areas on the Internet these days. This is simply because many companies outsource their data entry work to save themselves the increasing costs of having to hire employees.  This is great news for anyone who has dreams of making a healthy income from any location in the world that has Internet access. This opportunity has only matured the last couple of years so you are really at the leading edge of a new wave of home based businesses.

My-Data-Team presently has over 24,000 members, and that number is rising daily. There is never a shortage of work, and all that’s required by you is your computer and an internet connection. You do not need any special skills or previous experience. Once you sign up you can gain instant access to the step-by-step tutorials in the members area.

There is a slight learning curve and you will need to follow all the instructions, however, once you get started, you will quickly see how easy it is, and not long after that you’ll start to understand the multiply ways in which to make money. As soon as you’ve made your one time payment (50% off discount link) you will have a life long membership with access to all the tools including free upgrades to the all information and software. You’ll have access to a list of thousands of  companies you can look over and decide which ones you’d like to start filling in forms for. Because there are so many product lines represented you are able to pick an interest area that you feel passion towards, which I find personally makes this task very satisfying and enjoyable.

It’s completely free to work with any of these companies, as there are no sneaky fees related with this program. All you really need to do is copy and paste some of the data that’s given in the members area into the web site forms (or enter your own ideas once you are comfortable doing so). The number of forms you submit is directly related to the amount of money you will earn.

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My-Data-Team Video – A Look into the Membership Area

To see My-Data-Team and receive the 50% discount click order bottom above.

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